August Paper Pumpkin Kit + A Sweet Deal

Have you ever wanted a few minutes JUST to you? To do something quick and fun? Have a "Calgon, Take Me Away!" moment? - Well, that's what's inside this box!

August Paper Pumpkin Kit + A Sweet Deal

August Paper Pumpkin Kit + A Sweet Deal

It's called Paper Pumpkin! And what exactly IS Paper Pumpkin? It's a fun surprise you receive in the mail once a month...each month is a different kit but EVERY month is super cute and quick and easy to complete.

So...let's see what's inside the box...

Uh-oh! Still a surprise so I will need to keep unwrapping! Isn't the tissue paper fun? It's like a gift you give yourself!! (That's why it's a surprise each month, no gift is very fun if you know what's inside!!)

Wow! Look at all this pretty STUFF!

(Insert Pregnant pause while I unwrap everything)

So, really, ALL of this was in that box?? It looks like all I need is adhesive to get this party started!!

(Insert another pregnant pause while I put the kit together using the included instructions)

And here's how it all looks assembled! I now have all of these beautiful cards on hand, perfect to keep in my desk at work or at home for those "moments" when such a thing is needed! Woo Hoo! And aren't these these envelopes DARLING??? And so easy to put together! And the best part is I WAS WRONG!!! All the adhesive you need to complete the kit is IN the kit!! Woo Hoo again! The only thing you need is the clear block and that comes with your first kit. Score!

Here's a closer view...sooo CUTE!!! And so easy!! Really!!

And look at what I have left over to keep and reuse!

All of this for just $19.95+tax (shipping is included!)...THAT'S AMAZING!!!

But wait....THERE"S MORE!!!


That's right! Sign up by September 10th (14 days from today) and get two months of Paper Pumpkin for just $9.98+tax (shipping included) per month. Wow! ALL of this (Actual kit will vary):

for $9.98+tax (shipping included) a month for two months! That's September and October, I'll bet there will be some fun surprises in those boxes! After that, do nothing and you will continue to receive Paper Pumpkin for $19.95+tax (shipping included) each month. You can also cancel at the end of two months with no further obligation. Promise.

I have just discovered Paper Pumpkin and I love what I am seeing, so I will sweeten the deal even further. Sign up with me and we will have a play day each month so we can all get together for a few hours and play with our goodies and enjoy some adult time and conversation. Just enough time to be gone without our families missing us!

How fun does that sound? Pretty fun!

Here are all the details, just so you are clear on how it all works:

Offer Dates: July 16, 2014 through September 10, 2014

Step One: Sign up HERE

Step Two: Enter the code HALFOFF2 to join Paper Pumpkin by September 10, 2014 and get 50% off the first two months! After that, your subscription will automatically continue at the regular rate of $19.95+tax (shipping included) each month. You may cancel at any time.

Fine Print:

  • For new subscribers only
  • Available for month-to-month subscriptions, not prepaid subscriptions
  • Discount applied to one kit per month for the first two months of a new subscription. After the first two months, the price for each month's kit will go to the regular price of $19.95+tax (shipping included)
  • You must enter the promo code HALFOFF2 when you sign up
  • New subscribers must join by 11:50PM (MT) on Wednesday September 10, 2014.

I know that was a lot of legal stuff but it's really pretty simple.

Who's in??

The first play date will be 6pm to 8pm on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. I will have an alternate date available of Thursday, September 25, 2014, same time. Come in stamp in my new stamping classroom!!!

Remember, sign up here or send me an email if you would like to chat one on one about this offer! I can't wait to see you!!